We provided 4 starter styles and unlimited styling options that you can change easily. We show you some demos of different purposes that Jkreativ can do. In your hand, Jkreativ can do more!
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1st Multi-Layer Parallax

Jkreativ support unlimited layers of parallax background and currently the first who implement multi-layer parallax on Themeforest.

Smoothest Parallax on Themeforest

We push boundary and redefine parallax with using hardware-accelerated animation. You can compare how smooth our parallax with traditional lagging background-moving parallax.

Complete Parallax Control on Your Hand

Never on any themes before that able to control direction and speed of parallax animation. We provide both of those capabilities on Jkreativ. Only your imagination is your limit.

The Most Complete Portfolio Option

Mixed Multimedia Content

Tired with only single type content? with Jkreativ you have ability to mix your content such as youtube, vimeo, sound cloud also self hosted HTML 5 video.



Control Your Portfolio Size, Dimension, and Size of Your Margin

Personalise your portfolio to fit everthing your need. you can create portrait portfolio with margin to show portrait image of model, or setup landscape portfolio.

Portfolio Item Block Size

Sometime you will need to highlight some of your portfolio to make it more visible, no worry! We provide you option to control size (width & height) of every single portfolio item. You can make one of item bigger than any other item, or you can play around and create metro style portfolio. You in control on your portfolio.




Ajax Expand, Extended Portfolio, or Side Content

You can choose fancy ajax load with effect that will WOW your visitor, or you can use extended portfolio that explain your project with detail, or if you photographer, with a lot of image to show and expected comment, you can use Side content portfolio. Everything you can choose with this themes.

Password-Protected Portfolio

Incase you need to hide your portfolio and only show it for particular client, you get covered with this themes. We build very easy to use password protected portfolio so when your visitor come to your page, they will need to enter password to see the complete content.




Studio of Architecture and Design was established by Stanislav Kozlovsky, an architect, and Cristian Laqi, a designer, in 2009. Since then, more than a hundred projects have been carried out in Europe, Asia and America, in the field of architecture, design and visualization. We are a solid team of talented and creative professionals with unique experience, consistent and artistic thinking, deep technical understanding. We know how to make a good job of any amount of work in a wide spectrum of tasks. Our architects and designers have a higher specialized education confirmed by base practice. They are proficient in overcoming any difficulties. Dimensions and spaces, inside as well as outside, are approached in accordance with the customer preferences in a desired style, in a unified manner, with impeccable flair. We provide our clients with continued support throughout the work, all the way down to the final implementation of the project. We carry out projects all over the world. For each option, we develop a unique customer-minded design, and create a unique concept. We consider region, terrain and climate specifics, customer preferences. We guarantee only high-class quality of our architectural and design boons which will lift your spirits years and years after the implementation of the project!


We design private houses and cottages, and provide local area planning and landscape design. Projects can be carried out partially or completely, in accordance with customer preferences.

Interior Design

We create designs for apartments, private houses, and provide styling design for any public space. We work in a style that appeals to our customer. It can be minimal art or Empire style, French or English classics, country, art deco – anything that has ever been created by an ingenious mind of the mankind! We form true-life projects to carry out, and those combine functionality, beauty and comfort. We provide construction design supervision, and every detail of the design concept is brought to final perfection.


We provide architectural and interior visualization in all style directions. We work out 3D panoramas. We create videos commercials of interior designs, as well as designs of cottages, gardens, residential compounds and office complexes, shopping centres, housing estates and etc. We provide an overall outsourcing that includes full coverage of customer needs.

Mutual cooperation

We work in compliance with a technical design specification – the more detailed it is, the more accurate and quick the results are. We get a design concept in front of a client in detailed drawings, a general out-lay, and graphics. Our team creates a design concept for the space, works out redesigning, customizes ideas and preferences in accordance with the peculiarities of premises. We guarantee only top-class technical competence, professionalism and individual approach to every client, help in materials selection for finishing touches, control of all the work right down to the end.